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2018 FIFA World Cup. Russia.

The final stage of the FIFA 2018 World Cup will be held from June 14 to July 15, 2018 at 12 stadiums in 11 cities of Russia.
The site provides an interactive tournament table of group stage and playoffs, stats, infographics, forecasts, analysis and simulation of the results of the FIFA World Cup.
The information is presented in an intuitive infographics, graphs or tables that will allow you to analyze watch a pre-tournament game, over the course of the championship and predict your results. Here you will find a lot of useful, interesting and exclusive information that is not in any other edition.
The most important part of the site is an interactive tournament tables. This tables groups and the stage of the playoffs. The accounts of the matches is entered manually, the standings are automatically recalculated, teams are ranked by places in accordance with the Rules (regulations) of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and You can clearly analyze the results of football matches, to predict and track changes in groups and at the Knockout stage.
Before the competition start, make your forecast of the World Cup, save it as an image in a file and share it with your friends on social networks. During the tournament, the actual results of the past matches will be put down in the tables and reflected in the statistics.
Statistics are the most interesting part of our portal. With the beginning of the championship, we will have a large amount of statistics on matches, teams, players, stadiums, referees... Before the start of the World Cup in Russia we offer watch a pre-tournament statistics
Our exclusive development - a simulator of the World Cup. Who will become the World Cup champion in Russia? Set the levels of the teams according to your desire and understanding and get the calculated probability of the national teams to advanced in next stage and win the Championship.
Convenient and clear schedule of matches of the final part of the 2018 World Cup by teams, stadiums and cities will help you navigate the dates of matches and not to miss anything interesting. Also presents the schedule of friendly matches in 2018.
The website is updated regularly and is under constant development and improvement. There are new sections and functionality. Like no one else, we are not immune from mistakes and inaccuracies. And if you find such, please report to our e-mail.

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New on site

28.03.18infographic FIFA World Cup 2018

infographic: the largest representation of clubs in the 2018 World Cup

Which clubs will have the largest representation in the 2018 World Cup? Infographics on the forecast of the leading clubs.
27.03.18infographic FIFA World Cup 2018

The current FIFA ranking

Current FIFA ranking of participating teams WC2018
4.01.18Interactive group tables FIFA 2018 World Cup
Interactive group tables. Enter match results and automatically calculate team positions.
15.02.18Schedule of friendly matches teams before the final stage of the FIFA 2018 World Cup
Schedule of friendly matches teams before the final stage of the FIFA 2018 World Cup.
16.01.18Interactive map and schedule WC-2018
Interactive map and schedule WC-2018. Teams, stadiums, dates of matches, groups and stages of the World Cup.
15.01.18predict your World Cup results
Enter the results of the matches and predict your World Cup results, save it as an image in the file.
14.12.17interactive WC-2018 map
Interactive WC-2018 map. Countries by FIFA rating, draw pots, final stage groups.
10.12.17schedule final stage FIFA 2018 World Cup
Convenient and clear schedule of matches of the final stage FIFA 2018 World Cup by teams, stadiums and venues.


interactive tables

group A

group B

group C

group D

group E

group F

group G

group H
round of 16
1/4 final
1/2 final
54   final
51   3-d place match

interactive WC-2018 map


FIFA rating
Click on the name of the team to see the rating changes by month.

Possible rivals
Click on the team to see possible opponents of the teams in the stages of the
tournament grid. Numbers in front of the selected team -
the average value of the current FIFA rankings of possible rivals at this stage.

Top-rated rivals
The opponents of the team by the sum of their rankings in the group stage.
Click on the name of the team to see the ratings of rivals in the championship stages.

Qualification to the final of WC2018
The percentage of points in the qualifying and play-off until the final stage WC2018 in
Russia. Click on the team name to see the number and percentage of wins, draws,
losses of teams in qualifiers and playoffs.

Distributions in groups
Absolute and percentage distribution of different criteria by group

Football players
Professional football players
Transfer fee(Mill euro)
GDP ($ billion)
Experience(number of participation in the WC finals)
Experience(number of matches in the WC finals)

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National teams balances
Balance sheets of national teams of WC2018 following the results
of all previous world Championships

goals for - goals against
goals against - goals for

the representation of clubs

friendly matches

Schedule WC-2018 >>

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