iWC2018 interactive infographics simulator

Simulator 2018 FIFA WorldCup

Interactive simulator of the world Cup results is our own development. We used a simple, but fairly accurate algorithm for calculating the percentage probability of participating teams ' progress by the tournament grid and determining the winner of the competition. It takes into account not only the set level of the national team, but also the levels of the teams, with whom a meeting by the championship grid is possible.
Set the levels of strength of the teams according to the proposed criteria. Based on your entered data, the percentage of the command exit will be calculated for each next stage.
The percentage of the command output to each stage is calculated by the formula:
calculation formula for the simulator WC
where L - is your set the level of the team;
k - coefficient (percentage of probability) the exit of the command in the previous stage. For the stage "round of 16" previous phase is the group - therefore to calculate the probability of exit in the "round of 16" k and ki = 1 (100%);
Li - level of commands that can be meet at the previous stage
ki - is the coefficient (probability percentage) exit of these commands in the previous stage.
An example of the calculation out of the group stage A into the "round of 16".
Established levels of teams: Russia-40, Uruguay-30, Egypt-20, Saud. Arabia-10.
The probability of leaving the group will be 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% respectively.
The levels of these teams to calculate the exit to the next stage of "1/4 final" will be 16 (40*40%), 9(30*30%), 4 (20*20%), 1 (10*10%) accordingly
Similarly, the probability of teams leaving other groups and in the next stages is calculated.

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